Mindawn is a top tier, online download service that provides CD quality lossless audio in digital FLAC files as well as premium OGG files, all of which are open source.


FLAC is a growing codec (also known as a compressor-decompressor). IT enables audio in digital foramts to be compressed in a lossless format. These in part due to the file size (generally large) the file is encoded to. FLAC (flawless lossless audio codec) is usuannaly only compressed between 55 to 60% of it’s original size and can be expanded into a virtual identical copy of the audio recording that was originally provided. FLAC is royalty free and open source which has increased its global usage. While it has meta tagging capabilities, it does not have playback option in portable audio devices to to hardware.


OGG is an audio format that uses open container. While OGG is currently maintained Xiph.Org, the original creators of the OGG files are clear on the fact that it is free from software patents and is dedicated and aimed at improving streaming and manipulation of digital audio forms. While ‘OGG’ or ‘Ogg’ does not stand for something, it is based on a computer game (Netrek) where there is a verb called ‘Ogging’ which refers to doing an action ‘forcefully’. Ogg has grown from just audio too video, text and other styles of media that while of generally decent quality are not as impressive as the audio from FLAC.


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